The Carrying Root Collective is a project of Allison Henry and Kelly Zantingh focusing on drawing, video, photography and print-based media. Their work explores interactions between the body and landscape, drawing attention to our collective role in the climate crisis. Through their experience working as tree planters and wildfire fighters, they document the immediate impacts of forestry and wildfires. Capturing the otherworldly and uncanny nature of these areas, their work connects mythologies surrounding the female body to the landscapes of the Anthropocene.

2020 Off-Season Box Fire, Victoria, BC
2019 Off-Season Box Fire, Montreal, QC
2019 Tracing a Scar, Gallery Parfois, Montreal, QC
2018 The Art of Dialogue, Visual Arts Mississauga, Mississauga, ON
2017 A Fresh Coat of Grit and a New Layer of Dust, Glass Door Gallery, Montreal, QC

2019 Expozine, Montreal, QC
2019 Kazoo! Print Expo, Guelph, ON
2018 Expozine, Montreal, QC
2018 Kazoo! Print Expo, Guelph, ON
2017 Expozine, Montreal, QC
2017 /2 Edition Toronto, Metro Convention Centre, Toronto, ON
2017 OCAD Zine Fair, OCAD University, Toronto, ON
2016 Marche Artesenal / Arts Market, Le Milieu, Montreal, QC

2018 Third Place, The Art of Dialogue, Visual Arts Mississauga

2017 Artist Collab Spotlight: Carrying Root Collective, interview by Mat Caissy, read here


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